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Contact your Local Branch VISA Travel Card

  • This product replaces the need for traveler's checks.
  • This card can be reloaded up to a maximum of three (3) times.
  • The minimum load or reload is $250.00.
  • The maximum load or reload is $9,999.99.
  • The VISA Travel Card is PIN-based and is accepted at any VISA retailer world-wide.
  • Card can be cashed out at any time at any of our branch offices.
  • Complete terms and details on how to use a VISA Travel Card is included in the information given to the customer when they open a travel card.
  • There is a fee for this product.
  • Proper identification is required at time of purchase.
  • These cards are available at any one of our offices.
  • Please see your local Bank of Geneva office for more information or to apply.
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